D-Coder: The D-Coder technology represents an evolution in fertilisation, a fertiliser that protects plant nutrients, stimulates biological functions in the soil and stimulates root growth. Plant nutrients are protected by our unique D-Coder technology that releases plant nutrients, according to the demands of the plant, providing optimal plant nutrition irrespective of soil pH.

Top-Phos: (10% Phosphorus) is a new and exclusive water soluble form of organic complexed super-phosphate protected against fixation and retro-gradation in all types of soil.  A fraction of TOP-PHOS is immediately available to plants with a secondary fraction available throughout the season as the plant requires phosphate and sulfur.

Sulfammo: These fertilisers are made from nitrogen forms which adapt to crop cycles and environment. They also contain sulphur and magnesium acting in synergy with nitrogen. The N-PROCESS component stimulates nitrogen absorption and transformation by the plant, thus maximizing fertiliser efficiency.