The Plant Nutrition division provides concrete, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions thanks to comprehensive expertise, from soil to leaf to fruit.

Creating and designing the fertilizers and soil improvers of  future

An international team of doctors in chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology, along with agricultural engineers, work in collaboration with sixty universities and institutes worldwide on a number of projects pertaining to the specific characteristics of our products, and on unique tools in the field of fertilization. Their work has been the subject of several patents and scientific publications.

Our phenotyping greenhouse

Unique in private fertilization and designed in collaboration with the INRA (France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research), this facility makes it possible to measure the growth or physiological health of plants in a non-destructive way. Sampling jars are automatically conveyed along with precision imagery, facilitating the production of significant quantities of data for even greater reliability in results.

4 Grow rooms

These offer the capacity to assess our products in a multitude of climates. Controlling light intensity, sunlight duration, temperature and hygrometry makes it possible to reproduce all the planet’s natural agro-climatic situations.

Create and design the fertilizers and amendments of tomorrow
Total capacity of greenhouses
3 000
Soils treated in our laboratories